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рада вашему визиту :)

поделитесь своими впечателениями, инфо, настроением

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7 March
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I was born in USSR, Eastern Siberia (Yakutsk). Spent my childhood in Yakutsk (hello everybody in Yakutia, brave people!). In 1994 entered to university in Moscow (law faculty) and a year later our family moved to Moscow region (Korolyov). Last 10 years I work as a legal counsel in Moscow. I'm not married yet, have no children, but hope I will. Now I'm learning Italian, try to improve my English, nearly forgot Portuguese.
calcio., classical music (mozart, intersting in politicsm history., lisbon ..., modern music also., not theater fun., opera, pasta, reading (modern and classic)., red dry wine (carmenere, ride a bike, shiraz), travelling - paris, various deserts., venice, visiting art museums., vivaldi), walking., watching football (world&europe champ), watching movies (different)., white desert wines.


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Social capital

  • less than 10